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History’s hit series “Swamp People” is back with a brand-new season and with a fresh cast fellow, Tess Lee. Tess may appear to be an unusual inclusion to the group, but she is an expert hunter who is well-versed in the wetlands.

Lee has a hunting history with gigantic pythons and makes an excellent complement to the program for assisting locals with large snake issues in their yards. She has effortlessly won the hearts of Swamp People aficionados.

They would like to explore further about her origins as well as if she will join the regular cast on the show.

Family Background

Tess was born on 17th August 1989 and is a native of Tarpon Springs, Florida. She is the daughter of Jill Noblit MacGregor, an author, and D. Travis MacGregor, a former community leader of Tarpon Springs who died in 2018.

She has a younger brother, Travis MacGregor, a professional baseball pitcher, and two younger sisters. Her great-grandmother was Granville Noblit, who was amongst the first Tarpon Springs residents.

Tess has been brave since she was a youngster. She often went snake hunting alongside her father, which hugely benefited her in the History Channel’s reality program.

Is Tess Lee from Swamp People Married?

Raised on a farm a few miles from town, Tess embraces her passion for South Florida nature with her husband, Milo Talokonnikoff. Tess and Milo tied the knot on 10th March 2018.

Milo is the Chief Operations Officer at Iron EagleX, Inc., an IT services firm, and a veteran US army soldier. He was nominated as the 40 Under 40 honoree in the Tampa Bay Business Journal 2021.

Image of Tess Lee

Milo is also acquainted with the Swamp People’s star, Bill Booth. Apart from enjoying time with his wife, the former soldier is an ocean lover and loves freediving and spearfishing.

The Talokonnikoff couple has volunteered for humanitarian firms together. On January 4, 2023, the hunter attended the third annual Gold Star Gala, and they were able to raise funds for those who had lost family members while supporting their nation in the military services.

Tess Lee Career

Tess has always been a very active and athletic individual. She attended the East Lake High school in Tarpon Springs, Florida, where she was a track & field athlete. In addition to that, she was in the soccer club for four years and played for Hillsborough County United. For higher studies, she went to the University of North Georgia, Dahlonega.

Tess Lee is most recognized nowadays as a TV persona, social media influencer, model, and businesswoman. She has more than 139k followers on her own Instagram where she goes by the handle “@tesleeee.” Furthermore, she has endorsement partnerships with a variety of firms, like Haden Reid and Thursday Boot.

Lee runs the advertising business TLT Creative, which is linked with At Creative, and she is also a creative director at Sunny Collabs. In addition to that, the reptile hunter has more than 10 years of expertise in the hospitality business.

Lee on Swamps People

Tess Lee debuted on the show alongside reptile hunters Pickle Wheat, Dusty Crum, Zak Catchem, and Aaron Crum in Swamp People’s new season. The two seasoned snake hunters Bill Booth and Tess Lee are off-screen buddies.

She has assisted Bill for many years and has gone python hunting with him. As a result of it now, she is a natural hunter who is never afraid of creatures.

In the show, they must train to collaborate together if they want to reduce the python population. This versatile girl was a perfect match for Swamp People Season 14 or Serpent Invasion Season 3, and fans eagerly expect her to return in seasons to come. Likewise, she has thanked Swamp People followers for their support of her reality television premiere.

Tess Lee Quick Facts

Name Tess Lee
Birthdate August 17, 1985.
Birthplace ​​Tarpon Springs, Florida
Profession Snake Hunter, TV host, Snake Hunter, Social Media Influencer, Entrepreneur
Nationality American
Spouse Milo Talokonnikoff
Parents Jill Noblit MacGregor

D. Travis MacGregor

Alma mater University of North Georgia, Dahlonega.


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