Ashley Jones from “Swamp People” Age, Wikipedia, Husband, Biography.

Ashley Deadeye Jones is an American deer hunter, professional, to be specific. Her hunting skills are just impeccable.

Ashley Jones is one of the cast members of “Swamp People,” which is a reality show about hunting alligators in the Atchafalaya Basin. If you are a fan of gators, you will for sure love watching the reality show “Swamp People.”

Ashley Jones became more famous when she made her debut on the show in 2018. In this article, we are going to learn more about Ashley’s life career and how she went from a simple deer hunter to a cool alligator hunter.

Who is Ashley “DEADEYE” from “Swamp People”?

Ashley Jones is the mother of three amazing children and the wife to an amazing husband. The hunter became more known when she joined the reality series show. Before hunting alligators, Ashley just used to hunt wild hogs.

One day, when the hunter and her husband were hunting for hogs, they met Ronnie, a cast member of the show “Swamp People.” Ronnie was impressed by Ashley’s aiming skills, hence nicknamed her ‘DEAD EYE.’

Ronnie recommended her to the producers of the show, and that is how she became a cast member of the reality show. There isn’t any personal information like where the hunter was born or where she studied.

Ashley Jones’s Net Worth.

You might be wondering how much the hunter woman makes on the show or what her net worth is. Deadeye’s net worth is estimated to be $1-5 million. On the show, Ashley makes $10,000-$30,000 in every episode.

This must have been a huge step up compared to how much she used to earn in her previous job. You can imagine how much she makes a season, about a million dollars.

The reality show has a total of 11 seasons and a total of 166 episodes. It was first aired on 22 August 2010. The American hunter is one of the best in the show. She has impressive skills and the best aim. Coming from a family with a hunting background, we assume that one of her children will take after her.

How old is Ashley Deadeye Jones from “Swamp people”?

Unfortunately, we have no information regarding her birth year and birthplace. However, she admitted her birthday was on 25th November. Taking a look at her posts on social media, we can assume that she is in her mid-thirties. Swamp People Ashley Jones still looks young and fit.

Ashley Jones from “Swamp People” married to a husband?

Ashley Jones is married to Chad Jones. The duo has two sons and a daughter.

Chad Jones is an Attorney in Ridgeland. He also has a firm, ‘The Jones Law Firm Pc.’ Chad also loves hunting like his wife, though he is not a regular hunter. As an attorney, we could say he makes around $120,000 monthly.

Ashley Jones with her Family.
Ashley Jones with her Family.

However, in their free time, the couple goes hunting and fishing with their children. Months ago, she posted a picture together with her husband. They were out on date night. Swamp people Ashley Jones and husband Chad are so amazing together, even with their busy schedule, they find time for themselves and their children.

It is incredible to see how they have been supporting each other, especially when Ashley had been suffering from depression.

What happened to Ashley Jones from “Swamp People”?

Before the hunter joined the reality show, she was battling depression after she had a miscarriage six years ago. This actually broke her.

Her caring husband was worried about her and decided to cheer her up by taking her on a hunting trip, not knowing that her wife was going to change after that day. That was how they came to meet Ronnie from the “Swamp People.”

Her wiki-bio and other facts

Swamp People female cast Ashley Jones, aka ‘DeadEye’, was born on 25th November to Cindy. The hunter has not revealed her birth year or the name of her parents. She only mentioned once that her mother’s name was Cindy.

It’s amazing how life has a way of healing people. Now, Ashley’ Deadeye’ is doing what she loves most, hunting, and apart from that, she looks after her lovely family. Looking at her zodiac sign, Sagittarius, we are entirely right to say that she is progressive and adventurous.

Her Instagram is @ashleybigdeerkillerjones. She has a total of 2,077 followers. She mostly posts pictures of her family and onset selfies.

Ashley Jones’s Wiki-Facts.

Full name Ashley Jones
Age Mid 30’s
Date of Birth 25th November
Place of Birth The United States of America.
Profession Reality TV star, Deer Hunter
Net worth $50,000
Husband Chad Jones
kids 3
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Parents Cindy (mother)

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