“Swamp People” cast 2021 and Their Salaries.

Swamp People is one of the many popular reality television shows over the History Channel. It started broadcasting in 2010 and replicates the life of the alligator hunters of Louisiana.

For brief information, the entire asset cost of all the star cast of Swamp People totals up to $6 million. Follow this review to the end, to know more about all the cast members and their salary details.

Bruce Mitchell – 262 Episodes (2010-2021)

Bruce Mitchell is a well-recognized name of the show Swamp People. He was born on 13th July 1960 and is 59 years as of today. He has two sisters and two brothers, making it a big family. Bruce Mitchell got married to Jane Kliebert in the year 1980.

He gained interest in alligator and turtle farming from his father-in-law. A& E approached him for a documentary film on the farm he was working on. This was the day he got connected with the History Channel’s Swamp People.

Bruce Mitchell has made up good money after his endeavor with Swamp People. His current net worth is $400,000.

Image of Caption: Swamp People cast Bruce Mitchell salaries

“Swamp People” cast, Bruce Mitchell

Junior Edwards – 262 episodes (2010-2015)

Junior Edwards is also a famous name of the show, “Swamp People.” He is from Louisiana. He is popularly known for his steady hands for handling the alligators. There is no definite information on his birth date and age, but as per the sources and considering his son’s age, Junior Edward is somewhere in his 50s.

Junior Edwards started his career by being a fisherman for over 30 years. Later he shifted his interest towards finding and hunting alligators. With his diverse passion, he was cast for “Swamp People” and has earned good fortune since then. He has steady hands in risky situations, and that is what makes him earn good money.

Junior Edwards gets a salary of $500,000 per year from “Swamp People.” Junior Edwards left the show after its sixth season and gave the responsibility to their son to carry forward the family name.

Image of Caption: Swamp People cast Junior Edwards salaries

“Swamp People” cast, Junior Edwards.

Troy Landry – 262 episodes (2010-2021)

Troy Landry is probably the first name that you will hear when you talk about “Swamp People” casts. He was born on 6th September 1960 and is 59 years of age as of today. Troy Landry is married to Bernita Landry in the year 1981.

Troy Landry got its name from the popular show on History Channel, “Swamp People.” He gets paid a hefty amount for hunting alligators and is also renowned all across the world.

Troy Landry has a net worth of over $2 million in his career. He gets a whopping salary of $30,000 per month from “Swamp People.”

Image of Caption: Swamp People cast Troy Landry salaries

“Swamp People” cast, Troy Landry.

Willie Edwards – 262 Episodes (2010-2021)

Willie Edwards is the son of Junior Edwards and is a partner with him for the show “Swamp People.” There is no specific information on his birth date and age, but from the sources, Willie is probably in his 30s. He took the training of hunting alligators from his father and started his path of attaining a fantastic career with the show.

Willie Edwards is married to Sherrie Edwards and has a net worth of $500k that he made from his contribution to the reality show, “Swamp People.” He has taken up the charge off his father’s shoulders and is continuing to hunt alligators.

Image of Caption: Swamp People cast Willie Edwards salaries

“Swamp People” cast, Willie Edwards.

Jacob Landry 262 episodes (2010-2021)

Jacob was born on 27th December 1983 and is also from Louisiana. He is the son of the famous star of “Swamp People,” Troy Landry. He is 36 years of age as of now and follows his passion for alligator hunting on the popular show, “Swamp People.” Jacob is following that path of his father and is making good money out of it.

The past career of Jacob includes being a boat captain, assistant director as well as an actor. Jacob is married to Lyndsi Landry in the year 2009.

As of 2019, Jacob Landry’s net worth was recorded as $500,000. He gets a whopping salary of $40,000 per episode. It is evident that Jacob has earned a good amount of wealth from the show.

Image of Caption: Swamp People cast Jacob Landry salaries

“Swamp People” cast, Jacob Landry.

Tommy Chauvin 262 episodes (2010-2021)

Tommy is one of the most popular stars of “Swamp People” and named the ‘Gator Boy.’ He chose to pursue his family business and joined the show for using his aggressive ability to find alligators. The Gator boy is married to Sarah Namer.

He got the training of alligator hunting from his seniors in the family. His skills took him to a top position in the show and received an annual salary of $300,000.

Image of Caption: Swamp People castTommy Chauvin salaries

“Swamp People” cast, Tommy Chauvin.

Joe LaFont 262 Episodes (2010-2021)

Joe Lafont is another big name in the cast of “Swamp People.” He had also seen immense struggle in life before he got the opportunity on History Channel in the year 2010. He is with the show since then. Tommy Chauvin is the stepson of Joe Lafont, and they work together in the show to earn a good amount of money. There is no detail information about the love life and the birth date of Joe.

But he has a net worth of over $6 million. It is a significant amount for him, and all the credit goes to the reality show, “Swamp People.” Joe gets a salary of $700,000 per year from “Swamp People.”

Image of Caption: Swamp People cast Joe LaFont salaries

“Swamp People” cast, Joe LaFont.

Clint Landry 261 episodes (2010-present)

Clint Landry partners with Troy as a gun expert for hunting Alligators on the show of “Swamp People.” There is no such relation between Troy and Clint even with the same last name. It is over 20 years now for Clint and Troy to work together. Clint is the only gun expert in the reality show, “Swamp People” in all seasons except Season 2.

During the second season, Clint had to look after the turtle farm that made him pause the show. Liz Cavalier took his place during that season.

Image of Caption: Swamp People cast Clint Landry salaries

“Swamp People” cast, Clint Landry.

R.J. Molinere 249 episodes (2011-present)

R.J. Molinere was born on 21st September 1961 and is an American alligator hunter popularly known from the show “Swamp People.” He is 58 years as of now and is married to Stacey Emma. R.J was an MMA player in the past and has also been in the field of wrestling. He has a record for being the world champion, four times and holds countless national championships.

He was brilliant in the hunting skills that gave him a boost in his career. R.J learned these skills from his mother. R.J has a net worth of over $500,000 that he has earned from the reality show, “Swamp People.”

Image of Caption: Swamp People cast R.J. Molinere Jr salaries

“Swamp People” cast, R.J. Molinere Jr.

Jay Paul Molinere 248 episodes (2011- present)

Jay Paul is the son of R.J. Molinere Jr., and they work together in the “Swamp People” of History channel to earn their family name. Jay is a popular shooter in the show and hunts down alligators as an easy job.

Jay Paul was born on 20th August 1988 and is 31 years old and is married to Ashleigh. He got immense family support that helped him earn a good name from the show.

Keeping aside the family income, Jay Paul has a net worth of around $900,000, and Jay gets a salary of $100,000 per year from “Swamp People.” He has a diverse source of income, such as the reality show as well as boxing championships.

Image of Caption: Swamp People cast Jay Paul Molinere salaries

“Swamp People” cast Jay Paul Molinere.

Liz Cavalier 245 episodes (2011-2015)

Liz Cavalier is also known as ‘Gator queen’ in the show of “Swamp People.” She is a famous alligator hunter of Lousiana, and she took this skill from her father. Her birth name was Elizabeth Dupre, that she changed to Liz Choate Cavalier after marriage.

Liz started to deal with alligators since 12 years of age. She joined the cast of “Swamp People” as the lady alligator hunter when the show representatives went to her town searching for one. Troy Landry is the childhood friend of Liz Cavalier, and they worked together for the entire time being.

Though she has left the cast and crew of “Swamp People,” she has a net worth of $300,000 that she earned from the show.

Image of Caption: Swamp People cast Liz Cavalier salaries

“Swamp People” cast, Liz Cavalier.

Glenn Guist 243 episodes (2011- present)

Glenn Guist was born in the year 1962. There is no particular information on his birth date. He is around 57 years of age and is counted amongst the best alligator hunters on the show. Glenn Guist joined the reality show, “Swamp People,” in its second season in the year 2011.

“Swamp People” is the primary source of income for Glenn and has an enormous net worth of around $700,000 from the show. Due to his hunting skills, he has many fans and is very popular over social media.

Image of Caption: Swamp People cast Glenn Guist salaries

“Swamp People” cast, Glenn Guist.

Mitchell Guist 243 episodes (2011- 2012)

Mitchell Guist was the brother of Glenn Guist. They both started alligator hunting on the show, “Swamp People” together, and were following their passion. Both the brothers learned alligator hunting by their father. Mitchell Guist and Glenn worked in the show for the second and third seasons.

Mitchell Guist was one of the most prominent alligator hunters of “Swamp People,” but he died in the year 2012. It was a tragic incident that broke his brother Glenn. Mitchell killed while he was working on his houseboat near the Belle River. He fell backward from the boat and was confirmed dead on 14th May 2012. Millions of fans expressed their condolences and sadness towards the news.

Image of Caption: Swamp People cast Mitchell Guist salaries

“Swamp People” cast, Mitchell Guist.

Terral Evans 242 episodes (2011- present)

Terral Evans belongs to a hunter family and learned alligator hunting since his childhood days. He is a 6 feet tall, muscular man who weighs 108 kg. He fulfilled his ambition in the past of serving the nation and to travel the world before he stepped into the reality show, “Swamp People.” Terral is married and is currently living in Pearl River Honey Island Swamp.

He fulfilled his dreams of hunting alligators on the show, and he likes to make guest appearances in many of the episodes. Terral Evans works as the rescue man on the show, “Swamp People.” If anyone faces any trouble during the alligator hunting, then they call Terral for help.

Terral has profound skills, enough to catch the alligators barehanded. Terral Evans came was seen on the show with Johny Panks in Season 2 and Season 5.

Terral has a net worth of $1.5 million as of 2019. Though he has a diverse source of income, he has earned a god share from the reality show, “Swamp People.”

Image of Caption: Swamp People cast Terral Evans salaries

“Swamp People” cast, Terral Evans.

Kristi Broussard 235 episodes (2012-present)

Kristi Broussard is an American who is popularly known as Gator Wrangler on the reality show, “Swamp People.” She learned alligator hunting from her father. Kristi has a robust professional past as Kristi was in the navy for four years. She joined “Swamp People” while it was in its third season. She has earned a significant amount from his career as a navy officer and a part of “Swamp People.”

Earlier she used to earn $25,780 per year as her salary from the navy. Now she has also started earning from the show, “Swamp People” that makes her net worth up to $300 thousand. She is enjoying an amazing lifestyle and is continuing to participate in the reality show, “Swamp People.”

Mike Kliebert (2010-2011)

Mike Kliebert is in family relation with Bruce Mitchell and is also an expert alligator hunter. He was cast for “Swamp People,” and he featured only in the first season of the show. Due to his achievements as an alligator hunter and one of the casts of “Swamp People,” he is reasonably famous around his region. He handles his alligator farm for the entire year named Kliebert’s Turtle & Alligator Farm.

Albert “Butch” Knight (2010-2011)

Albert Knight was another name highlighted as the cast of “Swamp People.” He also featured on the show only for 15 episodes in the first season. He traps the alligators and hunts them. Apart from featuring on the show, he is also an alligator hunter by profession.

Albert usually works along with his two sons Anthony and Kenwood. He is given the name, Butch, and he has a big family who supports him for alligator hunting. He has earned the right name and wealth from the reality show, “Swamp People.”

Anthony Knight (2010-2011)

Anthony Knight is the son of Albert “Butch” Knight, and they all worked together in the first season of “Swamp People.” They are profound alligator hunters, and their skill & talent helped them earn a good name around the region.

Kenwood Knight (2010-2011)

Kenwood is the sibling to Anthony and the second son of Albert “Butch” Knight. He learned alligator hunting from his father and is also following the same profession along with his father and brother. Kenwood featured only for the first season of “Swamp People,” along with his brother and father.

Daniel Edgar (2016- present)

Daniel Edgar is a famous American personality who is popularly known for his role in the reality show, “Swamp People.” He has loved alligator hunting since his childhood. As per the records, Daniel Edgar has declined the offer for “Swamp People” for several years, but he joined the cast and crew in the year 2016, in the seventh season.

Daniel has made a hefty income out of his profession as an alligator hunter in “Swamp People.” As per the sources, Daniel has a net worth of over 100 thousand dollars, and he earns approximately $10,000 for each episode.

Dorien Edgar (2017-present)

Dorien Edgar is another famous name in the list of the casts of “Swamp People.” Edgar got the talent of alligator hunting from his family. He has a great fan following for his role in the show and has also earned a good amount of money.

Dorien Edgar is the grandson of Daniel Edgar. The Edgar family is already popular gator hunters famous all across the world.

Gerard “Gee” Singleton (2016- present)

Gerard Singleton is a famous gator hunter of “Swamp People” from Louisiana. He likes to work with no one bossing around him. Gerard practiced gator hunting since his childhood and is continuing to master his skills in hunting alligators over the reality show, “Swamp People.”

He has a net worth of over $300,000 that he probably made from the show.

Ron Methvin (2012-2018)

Ron Methvin is a popular name in “Swamp People.” He got recruited for being the partner of Bruce Mitchell in the show “Swamp People” in 2012. He is a skilled gator hunter, and his most significant achievement so far is killing an alligator of 11-foot all by himself.

Ron is an extremely well-paid cast of “Swamp People” and has a net worth of over $200,000 at the end of 2018. He gets a pay of around $5000 for each episode of “Swamp People.”

Chase Landry (2013- 2019)

Chase Landry joined “Swamp People” in the year 2013 and became favorites of his fans. He was quick in his alligator hunting skills that made him a renowned face in the show. He is popular on social media and has more than 50,000 followers only on Twitter.

Chase has a net worth of over $200,000 and gets a salary of around $3000 for each episode of “Swamp People.”

Anna Diaz (Director) 201 episodes (2010-present)

Anna Diaz has directed few seasons of the popular show, “Swamp People,” since 2010. The episodes have got a 5-star rating for her direction. There is no information on her personal life, but her work gets excellent appreciation.

Mike Mathis (Director) 1 episode (2013)

Mike Mathis has directed only one episode in the 4th season of “Swamp People.” He has got a good rating for the single episode as well. Mike has good terms with all the casts of “Swamp People.” There is no adequate information on the personal details of Mike Mathis as he likes to keep it low. He has earned a decent amount for directing one episode of “Swamp People.”

Daniel M. Robinson (Director) 1 episode (2013)

Daniel M. Robinson also directed a single episode of “Swamp People” in 2013, 4th season. There is no definite information about his personal life and story related to “Swamp People.” He must have got a decent pay for his single episode direction for “Swamp People.”

Zack Coutroulis (Director) 1 episode (2013)

Zack Coutroulis is the director of “Swamp People” for one episode in the 4th season of the show. He is also a writer as well as a producer of many other popular shows. He might have got good pay for directing an only episode in “Swamp People.”

Pat Duke (Narrator of Swamp People)

Pat Duke is another famous cast of the show, “Swamp People.” He is not the alligator hunter in the show but is the narrator of it. You will hear his voice in most of the episodes of “Swamp People.” He is the reason behind making the episodes enjoyable for the viewers to watch.

Pat Duke born with an interest in music as his family had a business for the same. He is from Nashville. From “Swamp People”, he makes around $700,000 per year.

Austyn Yoches (2012- 2013)

Austin Yoches is a professional alligator hunter who learned hunting since his teenage. They live in a houseboat and also worked in a couple of seasons of “Swamp People.” They gained more fame as gator hunters from the show. Not only reputation, but Austin has also earned good money from “Swamp People.”

Harlan “Big Foot” Hatcher 20 episodes (2013-2014)

Harlan Hatcher was seen in action back in the 4th and the 5th season of “Swamp People.” He is good with guns and is a sharpshooter to take down the gators from a far distance. There is no personal information on his birth date and age. He started hunting with guns since eight years of age. He earns good money out of his hunting profession.

“Swamp People” casts Active Time-Table.

Name Active Year No. of Episodes Seasons
Bruce Mitchell 2010-2020 262 10
Junior Edwards 2010-2020 262 10
Troy Landry 2010-2020 262 10
Willie Edwards 2010-2020 262 10
Jacob Landry 2010-2020 262 10
Tommy Chauvin 2010-2020 262 10
Joe LaFont 2010-2020 262 10
Clint Landry 2010-2020 261 10
R.J. Molinere Jr 2011-2020 249 9
Jay Paul Molinere 2011-2020 248 9
Liz Cavalier 2011-2020 245 9
Glenn Guist 2011-2020 243 9
Mitchell Guist 2011-2012 243 2
Terral Evans 2011-2020 242 9
Kristi Broussard 2012-2020 235 8
Mike Kliebert 2010-2011 1
Albert “Butch” Knight 2010-2011 15 1
Anthony Knight 2010-2011 1
Kenwood Knight 2010-2011 1
Daniel Edgar 2016-2020 5
Dorien Edgar 2017-2020 4
Gerard “Gee” Singleton 2016-2020 5
Ron Methvin 2012-2018 148 7
Chase Landry 2013-2019 148 7
Austyn Yoches 2012-2013 2
Harlan “Big Foot” Hatcher 2013-2014 2

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