Swamp People Season 13 Release Date: Pickle Wheat is Coming Back.

Swamp People has captivated history channel fans for the past decade now. It first aired back in 2010, introducing audiences to the likes of Chase Landry, JP Molinere, and Troy Landry. Swamp People season 13 release date.

The camera tracks these lifelong gator wranglers as they wrestled with some of the most aggressive reptiles along Louisiana’s Atchafalaya Basin.

Throughout Swamp People’s 12 season run, fans have watched as the hunters battled with the likes of Godzilla, who was described as an infamous cannibal gator. Fans have been clamoring to find out when the 13th season of the show will air. We finally have an answer for them.

Swamp People Returning for the 13th season: Release Date.

Yes, we got confirmation that the show will be returning for its 13th season. In a Facebook post, Cheyenne ‘Pickle’ Wheat talked about how eager she was to get back on Troy Landry’s boat. As fans are well aware, both Troy and Pickle are a regular feature on Swamp People. Pickle works as a deckhand on Landry’s ship. The two have developed a close relationship over the past few years.

Pickle added that they were set to start work on the new season in a few short weeks as far as filming is concerned—the last Wednesday of August, to be exact. Pickle also revealed that the show would, in all likelihood, air in early February 2022.

This is in line with their previous schedule. Season 12 initially aired on the 4th of February 2021. By all accounts, it seems that the producers are working with the same timeline.

Pickle Wheat and Troy Landy

Swamp People Season 13 Cast.

Pickle Wheat’s post tells us that she and Troy Landry will be reprising their roles during the 13th season. Troy’s inclusion additionally means that we can expect the rest of the Landry clan. This means that we should also expect to see the rest of his family, Chase, Jacob, and Holden Landry.

Other than that, a few other people who featured in the 12th season will also reportedly make a return. These include the Edwards (Little Willie, Junior, and Willie), the Edgars (Dorien, Joey, and Daniel), Ronnie Adams, and Bruce Mitchel. Additionally, sources are also sure that the Choates (Destin and Liz) will also return for the new season.

Pickle Wheat did reveal that she will be joining the show.

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