R.J. Molinere’s Wiki, Net Worth, Wife.

R.J. Molinere is a Native American television personality, hunter, fisherman, and arm wrestler. He has been on the hunt for alligators for close to 40 years now. This is a profession he has his mother to thank for. R.J. Molinere is a strongman athlete who has competed in competitions like the Arnold Classic Arm-wrestling Championship, … Read more

Terral Evans wiki, bio and facts.

Image of Terral Evans wiki, bio and facts.

Terral Evans is a television personality and Swamp hunter from Louisiana. His unique selling point comes from the fact that he is known for handling large gators barehanded. This is a survival skill that he picked up from his grandfather. Most people go to him and ask him to take care of the deadliest predators … Read more

Tommy Chauvin’s Wikipedia, Age, Married, bio and facts.

Tommy Chauvin is a Southern alligator hunter, actor, and television personality. He hails from the swamp side of Louisiana. Tommy’s prowess and proficiency in hunting have earned him the nickname ‘trigger Tommy.’ He sharpened his skills alongside the Atchafalaya River Basin right from when he was young, learning from the very best in the business. … Read more